Turkey, as the main instigator and inspirer of Azerbaijani aggression against the people of , continues to pursue a policy that is detrimental to the region, Armenian Foreign Minister Ara Ayvazian said at a joint press conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow.

“This should force the international community to use all possible levers to make Turkey refrain from any action that could further exacerbate tensions,” the Foreign Minister stated.

He stressed that “Turkey should withdraw its armed personnel and the terrorist groups affiliated with it from the zone of the Nagorno- conflict and the South Caucasus as a whole.”

“There are no clear signals yet about the withdrawal of foreign terrorist fighters. On the contrary, there is reliable information about Azerbaijan’s plans to expand the geography of deployment of terrorist militants and mercenaries and resettle them to the occupied regions of Artsakh,” Minister Ayvazian stated.

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