Tigran Avinyan Chairs Meeting on Kond District

Thursday, 11 February 2021

Tigran Avinyan Chairs Meeting on Kond District

On February 11, Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan chaired a regular meeting of the working group on coordination of activities aimed at developing the historical and urban planning environment and tourism infrastructure in Kond District of .

Addressing the meeting, the Deputy Premier said:

“Dear colleagues,

 Today, after a long break, the Working Group will discuss urban development-related issues concerning Yerevan’s Kond district. Kond is of great historical and cultural value. The rehabilitation program should instill new breath and provide a new concept to the district. The area is an integral part of Yerevan’s local color; its revival and renewal will trigger a chain impact on the local economy, resulting in new jobs and increased tourist flows. Here we have to combine the new and the traditional in an urban environment.

A few weeks ago, we submitted a draft tender package for public discussion. Today we have to review the opinions and suggestions received. It is crucial for us to formulate the steps to take ahead in order to make the competition as accessible to the public as possible. We must also discuss the stages inherent in this process, including the development of the urban environment and the preservation of cultural and historical assets.

I want to emphasize that the reconstruction of Kond district will be an inclusive process, as we have already talked about and agreed upon. Everyone’s opinion must be heard, all suggestions should be taken into account. And the entire process needs to be as transparent as possible, based on the principle of active public participation. We will try to include all practical proposals in the reconstruction program.”

The meeting discussed various issues related to the draft tender package. In particular, the Working Group summed up the proposals and opinions received, considered the possibility of their implementation. Reference was made to the composition of the tender jury, the marking and mapping process, the list of cultural and historical monuments and the results of inspection tours. In conclusion, the meeting discussed the steps to take ahead.

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