The Treaty of Sèvres remains an important document, says President of Armenia

/Mediamax/. President of Armen Sarkissian has stated that “the Treaty of Sèvres remains a very important document regarding the Armenian people’s right to achieve a fair resolution of the Armenian issue”.

He has made that remark in the interview to Syrian newspaper Al-Azmenah, given on the occasion of the centennial of the treaty.

“In its essence, the Treaty of Sèvres is a peace treaty, and as such, it could really solve one of the most complicated issues of our region – the Armenian issue.

The Treaty of Sèvres did not receive full ratification, therefore it remains unperfected and the solutions regarding Armenia were not implemented because of the changes in political realities of the world, but the treaty was never announced void. It is a legal, international and de facto valid document because it determined or gave grounds for determination of the status of a number of Middle Eastern countries for some time after the World War I or until now,” said President Sarkissian.

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