The attack of Turks on Armenians in France is not a confrontation between communities, it’s an aggression of a few hundred Turks, French human rights defender, Vice-President of the Regional council of Île-de-France Patrick Karam says.

“The Armenians who demonstrate in France for the independence of , Armenian land, are the descendants of the genocide committed by Turks never recognized by Turkey, and they are attacked by supporters of Erdogan on French soil,” he said.

“It is not a question of confrontation between communities but of aggression of a few hundred pro-Erdogan Turks, who made the rallying sign of the Gray Wolves, the Turkish ultranationalist and genocidal far-right. The Armenians have always demonstrated peacefully,” Patrick Karam.

Armenian demonstrators were attacked by Turks in the cities of Lyon And Vienne on Wednesday.

Turks also attacked peaceful Armenian protesters, as they closed the A7 Autoroute in France to raise awareness about the ongoing attacks against .

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