The two Syrian mercenaries detained by Armenian forces will not be exchanged under the prisoner swap with Azerbaijan, Rima Yeganyan, spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of , told Armenpress.

The mercenaries fighting for Azerbaijan in the war against are currently detained by Armenian authorities are not subject to handover or exchange because they are not prisoners of war, the spokesperson said.

“They have a status of defendants and are remanded into custody,” she added.

The two Syrian citizens – Yusuf Alaabet al-Hajji and Mehrab Muhammad Al-Shkheir are charged with international terrorism, gross violation of norms of international humanitarian law during armed conflict, and mercenarism. They were captured by the Artsakh forces. 

These mercenaries will not be covered by the “all for all” principle of exchanging POWs and other detainees between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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