The issue is unsolved, and the key issue to be clarified is the status of , Armenian Foreign Minister Ara Aivazian told reporters at Yerablur Pantheon.

He said the co-chairing countries have also spoken about the issue on the level of their Foreign Ministers.

“To be able to speak about peace, stability and security in the region, we first of all need to create an atmosphere of trust.  Trust-building requires solution of important issues, and first of all the return of our POWs,” the Foreign Minister said.

“I think Azerbaijan should understand that this is a humanitarian issue, and if the issue continues to be manipulated, it will create problems for Azerbaijan,” Minister Aivazian said.

According to him, an interdepartmental working group is working on the issue on daily basis.

“International pressure is also growing day by day, and I do hope Azerbaijan will understand that the issue requires an urgent solution,” he said.

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