Twnty-one Members of Spanish Congress and Senators have adopted a joint statement, condemning the Turkish-Azerbaijani aggression against and the Republic of , Armenia’s Embassy in Spain reports.

“We call on the international community to recognize the right to self-determination of the people of Artsakh in order to guarantee the right to life and the peaceful development of the citizens of Artsakh,” the lawmakers says.

According to them, in the current situation, the international recognition of Artsakh is the only operative mechanism to restore peace and security in the region.

“That is why we address the Spanish Congress, and the Senate, as a consolidated democracy and with a relevant weight in the international community, to call for the unity of all democrats, of all human rights defenders, to prevent new crimes against humanity,” Members of Parliament say.

“We strongly condemn the aggression of Turkey and Azerbaijan against Armenia and Artsakh, especially the bombings of the population and civilian infrastructure in Artsakh, as well as the interference of Turkey and the participation of Syrian and Libyan mercenaries, a fact that has already been confirmed by France and Russia. We also call to demand that Azerbaijan respect the principles of human rights and international humanitarian law, stop its aggression and restore peace and stability in the region,” the statement reads.

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