Some persons campaigning to discredit Azerbaijani high-ranked officers – Defense Ministry

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Aug.12


Some adversaries of our country who settled down abroad, as well as persons financed by the secret services of and receiving instructions from them, are conducting a slandering campaign against Azerbaijani military officials, the press service Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry told Trend.

According to the press service, the campaign is conducted to discredit First Deputy Defense Minister – Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Colonel General Najmaddin Sadigov, who have served for many years in the Azerbaijani army, and other high-ranked officers.

The press service said that the main goal of the campaigners is to make fabrications to undermine the growing image of Azerbaijani army.

“Their claims that during a recent operational meeting the General Staff’s chief allegedly ‘made offensive statements in connection with the arrival of Turkish servicemen at the joint exercises’ [with Azerbaijani armed forces] are a lie and another fake,” the press service said. “At the meeting, only official issues were discussed.”

“The main intention of those who, by such despicable methods, act against the Azerbaijani army and our servicemen and publish biased articles, is to meet the interests of the Armenia, the occupying country. But these treacherous circles and the elements they put forward must know that they will never be able to fulfill their ill intentions,” the press service stressed.

“We categorically reject them biased judgements of these people. We inform you that the spread of such misinformation today, in the course of Azerbaijani-Turkish Joint [Military] Tactical Exercises, is part of another provocation of the Armenian secret services against our country,” added the ministry.

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