Russia reaffirms support for fraternal Armenian people: Prime Minister receives the Russian government delegation

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received a Russian governmental delegation led by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The delegation comprises Deputy Prime Ministers of the Russian Federation Alexei Overchuk and Alexei Novak, Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko, Head of the 5th Service of the Federal Security Service Sergey Beseda, Head of the Federal Supervision Service for Consumer Protection Anna Popova, Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko, Deputy Minister of Finance Timur Maximov, other officials.

Welcoming the Russian governmental delegation, Prime Minister Pashinyan noted. “Dear colleagues, I warmly welcome you to . I would like to emphasize that we highly appreciate your presence in our country. It is very important for us not only to continue, but also taking into account the specificity of the current situation, to strengthen our ties, cooperation, to overcome the situation that has arisen in our country, in the region in general,” the Prime Minister said.

He thanked the Russian colleagues for their support not only during the military crisis, but also during the coronavirus. “I think we have all felt the support of the Russian Federation during this period and the friendly and allied relations that traditionally exist between our countries, especially in recent months.”

“We have a rather big agenda of discussion, I am sure that we will come to solve many issues – not only current, but also strategic ones, because the military-political situation in our region has changed, taking into account the known circumstances and events. I think we need to rethink our strategic vision in the context of the near strategic future. I think in this regard we have common views, programs and we need to clarify them during today’s talks,” he stated.

In his turn, Sergey Lavrov conveyed the warm greetings and best wishes of President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

“We are interested in considering the whole framework of our relations after as a result of extended talks the leaders of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan signed a statement on November 9, which put an end to the bloodshed and created an opportunity to stabilize the situation in all its contexts, including humanitarian,” Lavrov stated.

Issues related to the development and deepening of cooperation between Armenia and Russia in various spheres, in particular, energy, transport infrastructure, fight against coronavirus and other areas.

They also referred to the direct humanitarian assistance provided to Nagorno , as well as the steps taken to exchange bodies and prisoners of war after the war and to preserve the Armenian cultural heritage. The importance of their consistency was emphasized.

Referring to Turkey’s role in maintaining the ceasefire in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone, Sergey Lavrov stressed that the Russian-Turkish monitoring center will operate exclusively remotely. They also exchanged views on the military-political situation in the region and cooperation on its stabilization.

Prime Minister Pashinyan attached importance to the resumption of normal life in Artsakh, the fact that the people of Artsakh are returning to their homes, and noted that the Armenian government will carry out joint programs with the Artsakh government to restore infrastructure and housing.

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