Questions may arise in two settlements: PM comments on border situation in Syunik

Border checkpoints are currently being deployed in Syunik province, and there are certain complications, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at the government sitting today.

“Our conviction is that this work must be done, and it is necessary from the point of view of ensuring the security of Syunik and in general. In any case, our position is that with this activity, which can give rise to various interpretations, we increase the security guarantees of Syunik, we are creating a new system of security guarantees for Syunik and the Republic of Armenia, in general,” the Prime Minister said.

According to PM Pashinyan, there are two settlements where certain questions may arise. One is about Vorotan settlement of Syunik region, the second is about Shurnukh, where there are certain border issues, around which daily work is being carried out.

“These issues can lead to some painful situations, but I also want to assure you that in all cases, if certain issues arise from the point of view of the interests of our citizens, the government will come up with fully equivalent compensation, and the interests of our citizens will be fully protected. In this context, there is a lot of misinformation,” he said.

Of course, he said, we have a new situation, which raises some emotions, but added that “we must overcome this stage as calmly as possible in order to record the full functioning of the new security system that we are building today.”

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