Putin says preconditions being created for long-term settlement of the Karabakh conflict

Russian President Vladimir Putin says preconditions are being created for a long-term and full-scale settlement of the long-standing Nagorno conflict.

“Russia has recently been making considerable efforts, as a mediator in the settlement of one of the long-standing conflicts. We made vigorous efforts to stop the hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of citizens of our friendly Azerbaijan and ,” Putin said at a meeting with foreign Ambassadors.

“At the same time, we followed the key agreements reached in the OSCE Minsk Group, in particular, between its co-chairs – Russia, the United States of America and France. The most important achievements included stopping the bloodshed, and establishing ceasefire with the trilateral Statement of the Presidents of Russia and Azerbaijan and the Prime Minister of Armenia,” he said.

Putin said the Russian peacekeeping contingent, sent to the region in accordance with the above-mentioned Statement, monitors the observance of the ceasefire, ensures the safety of civilians, and accompanies returning refugees and humanitarian supplies. “The overall situation is stabilizing,” he noted.

“The Russian Center for Humanitarian Response is also starting to work, which will provide assistance to residents of the affected areas, restore infrastructure, and create conditions for a normal, peaceful life,” Putin said, adding that Russia counts on the significant participation of specialized international organizations in these efforts.

“We proceed from the premise that all this creates the preconditions for a long-term and full-scale settlement of the long-standing conflict on a just basis and in the interests of the Azerbaijani and Armenian peoples,” the Russian President stated.

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