PACE’s rapporteur on the humanitarian consequences of the conflict between and Azerbaijan, Paul Gavan (Ireland, UEL), today welcomed the news of the release of 15 Armenian captives and the handing over to Azerbaijan of a map showing almost 100,000 landmines in the Agdam region.

“It is extremely important to take steps to diminish the humanitarian consequences of this long-standing conflict that erupted into a six-week war last year,” Mr Gavan said.

“While there are many other remaining in captivity, and while there are certainly mine-maps of regions other than Agdam, today we can welcome that both sides, with the assistance and support of various international actors, have worked together to find some solutions on two of the most important humanitarian consequences of the war.”

Mr Gavan visited Armenia in May 2021 and plans to visit Azerbaijan in the summer in order to complete his report on The Humanitarian consequences of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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