The Movement for Salvation of Motherland formed by the opposition parties announced the start of civil disobedience campaign after the deadline given to the Prime Minister to step down expired at noon today.

During a rally on Saturday the Movement called on PM Nikol Pashinyan to resign and set 12:00 on Tuesday as deadline.

“From this moment until 17:00, the citizens of the Republic of have a legitimate right to carry out acts of protest, acts of peaceful disobedience, to express their complaints and present their demands,” Member of the ARF Bureau Ishkhan Saghatelyan said in a video message.

He called on all citizens to “organize all actions in compliance with law, not to give in to provocations.” He also requested the law-enforcement bodies to ensure the realization of the right of citizens to hold peaceful rallies, marches, protests.

He once again called on PM Nikol Pashinyan to step down.

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