Not a single millimeter of land from Armenia’s territory ceded – PM

In the Syunik sector, the borders are being adjusted, or rather, the Armenian Armed Forces, the border guards are being deployed on the internationally recognized borders of , Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in a video address.

“This, of course, brings some changes in the environment we are familiar with, creates certain complications and inconveniences. Mostly, it creates emotions,” the Prime Minister said.

He added that there are even assessments that what’s happening is a threat to Syunik or means surrendering the province.

“The reality, however, is exactly the opposite. All this is being done to guarantee the security of Syunik, to strengthen the guarantees,” Pashinyan added.

“The problem is that during the past few days there has been a threat of resumption of hostilities in areas outside the internationally recognized borders of Armenia, and had the situation escalated in the mentioned area, it could well be transferred to Syunik region, the territory of the Republic of Armenia, with the ensuing consequences,” the Prime Minister said.

“And today, by deploying troops on our internationally recognized borders, we create a new guarantee of security for Syunik, because today’s border is already the border of the security system of which we are a member, and where completely different security rules apply,” Nikol Pashinyan added.

“Today, the Russian border troops and other forces are fully involved in Syunik, and this is a completely new security situation. Of course, as a result of all this, transport and logistical difficulties may arise, the uninterrupted operation of some of our roads may be difficult, but these are solvable issues, and we are making efforts to address them, including through the trilateral document,” the Prime Minister said, adding that he will visit Syunik on Monday to assess the situation on the spot and allay all the fears of the people of Syunik.

“And I’m sure I will be able to do that. Now, however, I want to repeat that not a single millimeter of land has been ceded from the territory of Syunik region, not a single millimeter of land has been ceded from the whole territory of the Republic of Armenia. You can be sure of that, and any claim to the contrary is simply not true,” PM Pasinyan stated.

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