Newspaper: Armenia MP receiving treatment in Australia

Newspaper: Armenia MP receiving treatment in Australia

YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily writes: Yesterday, one of the founding members of [now opposition] Bright [Party (BAP)], Mane Tandilyan, announced that she was resigning from the [parliamentary] mandate and leaving the BAP board.

Immediately suspicions arose that the halls of power are involved and a process of disintegrating the opposition is going on (…).

However, Bright [Armenia] assured us that the reason, as Tandilyan had mentioned, was health—she needs long-term treatment, and she was upset that she is unable to play the part of an active MP.

Moreover, our sources said that she has been abroad for a long time—she is in Australia, she is being treated there, and there are issues of returning under the conditions of this coronavirus, so she has decided to leave active politics and deal with her health problems.

And she is renouncing the [parliamentary] mandate and the membership in the BAP board so that someone can come forward in her stead and work more actively.

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