A new 230-member group of Syrian mercenaries has been deployed to Azerbaijani to fight against the Armenian forces in Nagorno , the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights informs.

With the arrival of a new batch of fighters, the number of Syrian mercenaries transferred to Azerbaijan reaches at least 2,580, the Observatory says, adding that 342 fighters have given up everything and returned home.

The Syrian Observatory has also documented the killing of at least nine mercenary fighters during the past hours. Thus, no less than 240 mercenaries have been killed since September 27. The bodies of 183 fighters have been transported to Syria while the rest are still in Azerbaijan, the Observatory says, noting that the Armenian forces have managed to capture at least three Syrian fighters.

It is noted that Turkey is still finding it very difficult to recruit fighters due to the refusal of a large segment of the fighters to go to fight for the Azerbaijani forces because of “sectarian” factor and given the difficult conditions of the fighters there.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov declared earlier today that the number of mercenaries deployed to the Nagorno Karabakh conflict zone was nearing 2,000.

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