The Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed deepest condolences to the Russian Federation, to the families of the two pilots killed as a result of downing of a Russian Helicopter on the territory of .

On November 9, at around 6:00 p.m., Russian Mi-24 helicopter was shot down on the territory of the Republic of Armenia by a man-portable air-defense system fired from the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

“Notably, that tragic incident occurred far away from the Nagorno- conflict zone, in a place, where no military clashes have been recorded during this period. From this perspective the claims of the Azerbaijani side and attempts to justify it are false and groundless,” the Foreign Ministry said.

“We strongly condemn this assault towards the Russian Armed Forces by the Azerbaijani armed forces within the sovereign territory of Armenia,” it added.

“We are convinced that the use of force against the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will receive an adequate response,” the Foreign Ministry concluded.

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