ANCA launched this successful campaign in the wake of Congressional passage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution.

“This long-overdue correction by the Library of Congress – a principled, fact-based stand for the integrity of American institutions against malign foreign influence – comes at a particularly meaningful moment for Americans of Armenian heritage,” said Aram Hamparian, Executive Director of the ANCA.

“We see today the painful, real-world results of American leaders having allowed Turkey to bully our country into a century of silence on the Armenian Genocide.

Even today – as Ankara and Baku openly seek to complete the destruction of the Armenian homeland – our government remains all too fearful of truth-telling to Erdogan and Aliyev. That has to end.”

Library of Congress corrects “Armenian Massacres” subject heading to “Armenian Genocide”Library of Congress corrects “Armenian Massacres” subject heading to “Armenian Genocide”

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