I wish Armenia to never doubt its beauty, strengths and talents, French Ambassador says in a New Year message

French Ambassador to Jonathan Lacôte has issued a New Year message, wishing Armenia peace and security. The message reads:

Dear Armenian friends,
Dear compatriots in Armenia,

At the end of 2020, full of so many trials for Armenia, I am primarily thinking of the families in whose homes one of the chairs around the table will be empty.

Now is not the time to celebrate, but more than ever I would like to share the hope that this country continues to inspire me.

I wish Armenia to live in peace and security, without fear of seeing its youth return to the front lines.

I wish Armenia, which measures its history in millennia, to have confidence in its future.

I wish Armenia to never doubt its beauty, strengths and talents.

I wish the to avoid discord and savage winds.

I wish Armenians to look together in the same direction.

I wish Armenians to be proud to pass this country on to their children.

I wish France to be by Armenia’s side.

I wish France to remember what the Armenians have given it.

I wish the French to come to Armenia or sometimes turn their gaze there.

And I wish the French to always love Armenia as Armenia loves us.

I wish everyone a 2021 year of peace, happiness and prosperity.

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