The mayor of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni and the City Council have unanimously adopted a resolution, condemning the military attack of Azerbaijan, Turkey on the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of .

• We express our pain and concern to our Armenian brothers. We have strong, long-standing historical ties with the Armenian people – the genocides committed by the Kemalist regime against Greeks, and Assyrians.

• We all on the international community (Minsk Group mediators, the EU, the UN) to take every initiative to immediately cease fire and prevent crimes against the Armenian people, we demand demand the immediate establishment of a common path of mutual respect and reconciliation for prosperity, development and peaceful coexistence throughout the region, respecting the human rights of all peoples based on norms of international law.

Therefore, in order to fully understand the solidarity with the Armenian people, the city council decides:

• During the next 5 months, in the first week of each month, raise the Armenian flag on the city hall next to the Greek and EU flags.

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