The prisoners will be exchanged after the exchange of the bodies is completed, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at an online press conference today.

“Several hundred Armenian soldiers are still missing and we hope to find some alive,” he said.

He said one soldier, who had been considered dead, was found wounded yesterday.

As for the exchange of prisoners, it will take place after the exchange of bodies is completed.

A day of mourning will be announced after all bodies are recovered, PM Pashinyan said.  

For now, he said, it’s important to ensure the social security guarantees for the families of the killed and disabled soldiers, adding that “it will be done on due level.”

He attached importance to the contacts between the government and the families of the dead and the disabled soldiers.

“The organization of the future life of the disabled soldiers is a priority and the government must play an important role here,” the PM stated.

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