Deputy Prime Minister Chairs Meeting on One-Stop-Shop Services

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Deputy Prime Minister Chairs Meeting on One-Stop-Shop Services

On March 10, Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan chaired a consultative meeting to discuss ways of developing public services based on the one-stop-shop principle.

Addressing those present, the Deputy Prime Minister said: “Dear colleagues, today we will refer to the offices providing public services. You may know that several public agencies have initiated reforms in the sphere of services provided by state bodies and local self-government authorities, which sometimes differ from each other conceptually and in content as well and are episodic in nature. In this regard, we need to harmonize the state policy in the field of reforming the system of public services. Our office, in collaboration with the ministries, has initiated several programs in this area. First, the Public Administration Reform Strategy is nearing completion, one of four areas of which is the public and community service reform. In order to streamline the government’s policy in the field of public and community services and harmonize our efforts, today ministries will briefly present their approaches to the model of offices for the provision of public and community services, and at the end of the discussion we will bring all our actions to a single logic.”

A report on the integrated system of social services was presented during the meeting. The next item on the agenda was the concept of introducing a new system for the provision of public services. The meeting likewise discussed the standards of services provided by the state.

The speakers exchanged views on public and community services; proposals and recommendations were voiced on the current state of reforms. The importance of coordinating the ongoing reforms in the field of public services was emphasized by the stakeholders. In this context, the need to implement reforms within a short period of time with a focus on the one-stop-shop principle to make these services as accessible, quick and easy as possible for the population was emphasized during the meeting.

In conclusion, Tigran Avinyan gave instructions concerning the next stages of reforms.

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