Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Deputy PM Suren Papikyan’s address on Knowledge Day

Deputy PM Suren Papikyan's address on Knowledge Day

Dear pupils, students, teachers, representatives of education sphere,

I warmly congratulate you on the Day of Knowledge.

September 1 symbolizes your key role, both for you personally and for the future of our state. The special attitude of our people towards science and education is best expressed by saving centuries-old books during historical disasters and passing them on to future generations. By transmitting knowledge, our forefathers realized the most important precondition for the continuity and development of the nation.

In today’s knowledge-based economy, in the context of the present complex realities, speaking about the future, the Government of the Republic of continues to consider the development of knowledge and education a priority. A key guarantee for the strengthening of our state is having a quality education and a high level of modern science. In an ever-changing world, knowledge is the lasting value where investments will return in double volume.

I am convinced that with the educational reforms launched by the Armenian Government we will achieve our goals. This is evidenced by the large-scale construction of schools in different regions of the country that meet modern standards. I am confident that teachers and professors, in their turn, will spare no effort to arm our new generation with knowledge. We believe that with the contribution and dedication of each of us, it is possible to create a new educational culture, which will promote the knowledge-based economy, the establishment of a modern army.
Dear young people,
The future of our state depends on educated and experienced specialists. Quality education is the cornerstone that will allow us to keep pace with the time and compete with developed countries. Your best contribution to the development of Armenia is the use of your knowledge and experience for the benefit of our country. It is also the best way of gratitude to those who preferred to defend the homeland instead of studying.
Congratulations again on the start of the new academic year, I wish you inexhaustible energy and educational achievements.

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