The Verona City Council unanimously expressed solidarity with the population of Nagorno and invited the Mayor to ask the Italian institutions to recognize the Republic of .

“In recent months, the peaceful population of Nagorno Karabakh has been the victim of a terrible armed conflict, which in particular saw the action of the Turkish army and jihadist mercenaries in support of the Azerbaijani armed forces,” explains the first signatory, Councilor Alberto Zelger.

According to him, it’s time for the principle of self-determination of peoples to be applied.

The initiative was signed by the municipal councilors Alberto Zelger (first signatory), Vito Comencini, Maria Fiore Adami, Laura Bocchi, Paola Bressan, Matteo De Marzi, Daniela Drudi, Alessandro Gennari, Anna Grassi, Gianmarco Padovani, Rosario Russo, Roberto Simeoni and Andrea Velardi.

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