Baroness Caroline Cox calls on UK to recognize the Armenian Genocide

Member of the House of Lords, Baroness Caroline Cox has called on the UK to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

“Just three weeks ago, I went on a harrowing visit to and Nagorno-Karabakh with HART, my small humanitarian charity. I saw videos of the beheading and torture of captured by Azerbaijan; some were filmed by the perpetrators on the Armenians’ own phones and sent back to their families to see the horrible things that had been perpetrated towards their loved ones. I also recorded many anguished eye-witness statements. I sent our report to the Foreign Secretary and will make a copy available in the Library of the House of Lords,” Baroness Cox told the House.

She reminded that last week, Human Rights Watch published a report that provided evidence of the torture and humiliation inflicted by Azerbaijan on Armenian prisoners of war. Genocide Watch has designated Azerbaijan as fulfilling all 10 criteria of genocide.

“In the genocide unleased against the Armenians more than a 100 years ago by the Ottoman Empire, an estimated 1.5 million Middle Eastern Christians—including Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Syriacs, Arameans and Maronites —perished between 1915 and 1923. This genocide has received recognition by many countries, including Wales—all credit to Wales—but not the United Kingdom. At the time, the world was indifferent, which led Hitler, on 22 August 1939, infamously to say, “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?” Hitler considered the Armenian “solution” a precedent for his atrocities against the Jews. We know all too well what that meant,” Caroline Cox stated.

She noted that the Genocide Convention was the response to the horrific atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis against the Jews and was meant to signify the international commitment to “never again” by introducing duties to prevent, suppress and punish the crime of genocide—duties that successive Governments have neglected for far too long.

“It is my passionate hope that the Armenians, who are, as we speak, suffering again from a genocide inflicted by Azerbaijan and Turkey, will receive the genocide recognition that is due, and that the violations of international law perpetrated by Azerbaijan and Turkey will not be allowed to pass with impunity,” the Baroness stated.

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