Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says Azerbaijan’s recent actions in Hadrut region are aimed at “devaluing” the role of Russian peacekeepers.

“The actions taken by Azerbaijan are openly provocative, but they are also aimed at devaluing the presence of Russian peacekeepers in . They want to show that the peacekeepers are unable to stop their provocations, and the fate of the Khtsaberd-Hin Tagher section is the first serious test of the Russian peacekeeping mission,” the Prime Minister said.

The comments come after the Azerbaijani forces launched an offensive and took control of the village of Hin Tagher and approached the village of Ktsaberd in Hadrut region, which were left under Armenian control after the signing of the trilateral statement on cessation of hostilities.

PM Pashinyan said there was no civilian population in that area. As a result of the operations, six servicemen of the Artsakh Defense Army were wounded. There is information about other casualties, which is being clarified.

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