The Defense Army denies reports claiming 15 Armenian soldiers were captured.

Referring to materials circulating on the web, the Ministry said “those have no real basis, are completely imaginary, and aim to tarnish the reputation of the structure that performs its task in the difficult post-war conditions.”

“In particular, various Internet users have been spreading information about the capture of 15 Armenian soldiers, about some episodes of the 44-day war, the name of the commander of the N military unit, Colonel Gor Ishkhanyan is also being speculated in connection with changes in military positions,” the Ministry stated.

“Taking into account the sensitivity of the people to any news related to the army, we reaffirm that no serviceman of the army was taken prisoner today or during the previous days. During the war, the military unit under the command of Colonel Ishkhanyan performed the assigned tasks exclusively on the basis of the orders of the superior command. There was a need to implement the provisions of the tripartite declaration. He did not surrender a single position to the enemy during the hostilities, and the withdrawal after the war (also from the areas where there were command posts, fortifications) was due to the need to implement the provisions of the tripartite statement,” the Defense Ministry said.

The Defense Ministry asks to refrain from spreading false information, noting that it does not contribute at all to strengthening the defense capacity of the homeland.

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