Armenian side possesses information on the use of mercenaries, promises “further surprises” to Azerbaijan and Turkey

Today, the Azerbaijani troops, terrorist groups, mercenaries, and bandits continued their offensive operations in different directions, mainly in small groups, with focal attacks, using artillery, air strikes in some places, and tactical air forces, official representative of ’s Ministry of Defense Artsun Hovhannisyan told a daily briefing today.

He said no serious positional changes were registered in any direction, and added that the battles continue.

The Armenian side today showed a second captured Syrian mercenary, who confessed how he was recruited, paid and used with a group of other fighters.

In this regard, Artsrun Hovhannisyan said: “A number of surprises are awaiting Turkey and Azerbaijan. No matter how hard they try to deny recruiting mercenary terrorists and using them in the military actions, we know very well and we have complete information about where, in which place they are being used and what they are tasked with.”

“The fact that Azerbaijan is trying to solve problems on the first line with the help of mercenaries testifies to the fact that the potential of Azerbaijan’s land forces has been seriously damaged, and the mercenaries are the major hope,” he added.

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