In a phone conversation late on Wednesday Armenian Defense Minister David Tonoyan and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Shoygu discussed the operative situation in Nagorno and the current issues related to the activities of the Russian peacekeeping contingent.

The Armenian Defense Minister thanked his Russian counterpart for the quick and effective deployment of the peacekeeping unit, as well as for organizing the search for and exchange of bodies, prisoners, hostages and missing persons.

Special attention was paid to the humanitarian situation in Nagorno Karabakh. The Armenian Defense Minister expressed his support for the establishment of a Russian interdepartmental humanitarian response center in Nagorno Karabakh, which will deal with the return of refugees, the restoration of civilian infrastructure, the search for the dead, captives and missing persons, and the coordination of activities of various humanitarian organizations.

An agreement was reached to sign a trilateral document in this area between the Ministries of Defense of the Russian Federation, and Azerbaijan if necessary.

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