Armenian prisoners of war still detained in Azerbaijan must be released without delay, and Europe must do everything for that, French MEP François-Xavier Bellamy said at the plenary session of the European Parliament.

“Azerbaijan is holding these soldiers hostage, on the pretext that they are terrorists. The only terrorists, in this history, are the jihadist mercenaries that Erdogan funded and brought from Syria to attack ,” he said.

The MEP noted that even today in , hundreds of families live in absolute anxiety of not knowing if their son died, or is held prisoner.

” Armenia has brought to the ECHR the case of 19 prisoners executed in detention. Misha, Narek, Yurik, Yelena… We must be their voice. Over the last few days we’ve been getting a flood of messages alternating between lies and threats. But we will not be silenced. Mr Aliev talks about peace, respect. But how can you believe it, when he raps again, today, Armenia’s borders?” François-Xavier Bellamy stated.

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