Armenia values the high level of political dialogue with Iran – FM

Armenia values the high level of political dialogue with Iran, close trade and economic ties, and cooperation in spheres of mutual interest, Armenian Foreign Minister Ara Aivazian said at a meeting with visiting Foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif.

He said the Armenian-Iranian agenda is, indeed, quite comprehensive, based on the centuries-old friendship uniting the two peoples.

“This friendship is the best example of intercultural dialogue, an example of different religions and civilizations living side by side, based on mutual trust and respect. That is the key for achieving peace and stability in the region,” Minister Aivazian said.

He said the meeting is a good opportunity to exchange views on the prospects of multifaceted cooperation and to outline further steps.

“I am confident that through joint efforts we will further strengthen and develop our mutually beneficial cooperation,” the Foreign Minister added.

He said Iran is the fourth trade partner of Armenia, and, naturally, the promotion of trade and economic cooperation has a special place on bilateral agenda,

“Of course, one of the main subjects of our talks has been regional security, stability, and we will continue exchanging views on those issues during the day, “Aivazian noted.

“Now our region confronts new serious challenges amid Azerbaijan’s dangerous attempt to resolve the Nagorno- conflict by force. Armenia does not consider that the results of Azerbaijan’s aggression against and the use of force can create a basis for lasting peace or be considered an opportunity for regional cooperation,” the Foreign Minister stressed.

“Iran is an important country in the region, and we respect Iran’s approach of building relations with its immediate neighbors. However, we would like to once again emphasize that only lasting peace that addresses the interests of all, that doesn’t have “winners and losers” and so-called “victories or defeats”, can create real guarantees for the advancement of security, stability and development in the region,” the Armenian Foreign Minister stated.

Expressing gratitude for the warm reception, the Iranian Foreign Minister noted that Iran attaches great importance to the friendly relations with Armenia.

“Iran and Armenia, as two ancient civilizations, have always had good relations based on friendship and neighborliness. As two ancient civilizations, we have had many ups and downs, but we have always come out of them with honor. Our history is much longer than days, months, years, even centuries, we have stood and existed throughout that history, we have always been friends. Our borders have always been the borders of friendship, cooperation, and we are sure that they will continue to be so,” Zarif said.

Touching upon the issues on bilateral agenda, the interlocutors expressed satisfaction with the high dynamics of the existing political dialogue, emphasizing the importance of further intensification of contacts and mutual visits at different levels. Both sides expressed readiness to make joint efforts to further strengthen and expand mutually beneficial cooperation in areas of reciprocal interest.

In this context, the Foreign Ministers stressed the importance of the full utilization of the existing potential in the Armenian-Iranian trade and economic relations, the activity of the Armenian-Iranian intergovernmental joint commission.

Ministers Aivazian and Zarif exchanged detailed views on issues of regional security and stability. The sides expressed concern over the deployment of foreign militants in the region. From the point of view of regional peace, security and stability, Minister Aivazian emphasized the close cooperation with Iran and expressed readiness to expand the dialogue in this direction.

The Iranian Foreign Minister invited his Armenian counterpart to visit the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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