Armenia sets up working group to deal with issues of the missing and captured persons

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan chaired a consultation on the issue of return of servicemen and civilians captured in the war, clarification of the fate of the missing and the social guarantees for their families.

The Prime Minister noted that the 6th point of the road map published by him refers to the above-mentioned issues. “In general, we, naturally, must work very intensively in this direction in coming days. We must inform the family members about the work being done, and citizens should not go and hold rallies in front of various departments to find out what is being done to find or return their relatives,” he said.

PM Pashinyan informed that he was going to have meetings with representatives of the families of the missing and captured people.

“Of course, there have been cases during this period, fortunately, when the missing persons were found safe and sound, they just did not have the opportunity to report their whereabouts. We do hope there will be more and more such cases. Now let’s prepare so that we can provide more specific and complete information to our relatives,” said Nikol Pashinyan.

The Prime Minister was briefed on the work being done to return the captured soldiers and civilians and to clarify the fate of the missing. The mechanisms of search for the missing were discussed. The directions of social-psychological support to the affected families were touched upon.

An interdepartmental working group has been formed on Nikol Pashinyan’s instruction, to deal with the quick settlement of the above-mentioned issues.

The Prime Minister stressed that first of all, it is necessary to provide constant communication with the captives, civilians, families of the missing, and to establish a 24-hour center for that purpose.

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