Negotiations are under way to acquire a new batch of SU-30SM fighters, Armenian Defense Minister David Tonoyan said in a conversation with Radio Liberty.

The Sukhoi Su-30SM is a Russian-made twin-engine, two-seat supermaneuverable  4+ generation fighter jet.  

It is a multi-role fighter for all-weather, air-to-air and air-to-surface deep interdiction missions.

Last week, a spokesperson for the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) of Russia is ready to discuss with the supply of an additional batch of SU-30SM generation 4+ fighter.

“The work with the Armenian partners continues. The topic of the purchase of aircraft will be discussed if the Armenian side confirms its interest,” said Maria Vorobyova, official representative of the FSMTC of Russia.

In 2019, Armenia purchased four Su-30SM fighters from Russia. announced plans to buy new aircraft.

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