Unable to conceal the undeniable fact of deploying international jihadist terrorists from Syria and Libya to the South region, Turkey once again resorts to the policy of blatantly misleading the international community with fake and provocative allegations, Spokesperson for the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Anna Naghdalyan said in a statement.

“The false allegations of Turkish Ministry of Defense that foreign mercenaries are supporting Armenia and reflect the dishonorable nature of the military-political leadership of Turkey,” Naghdalyan said.

She emphasized that the Armenian side stands for the immediate withdrawal of international terrorist organizations from the South Caucasus and resolutely rejects Turkey’s actions aimed at further destabilization of the region.

“We strongly condemn the joint efforts of Turkey and Azerbaijan – terrorism supporting countries – to turn their countries into a hub of international terrorism and to spread that plague throughout the region. Close cooperation among all parties interested in regional security is required to confront this threat,” she added.

“Armenia and Artsakh, unlike our two neighbours, do not host, but fight terrorists,” the Spokesperson stated.

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