In a video message to President Arayik Harutyunyan urged to stop looking for traitors.

The President said he had been alarming about the need for human resources since October 3. He cited a Russian analyst as saying that to win in the war the Armenian side had to mobilize 80-100 thousand people.

He said the 18-20-year-old conscripts were the main forces fighting against several countries, not just Azerbaijan.  “I bow before them, who are still protecting the borders of our country.”

The President called on residents of Artsakh, who are currently in Armenia, to refrain from participating in political revolts and return home.

He promised to restore the infrastructure in the coming days and said “we have enough resources to ensure there are no social problems.”  

“Don’t give in to provocations aimed aimed at destroying our county. We need unity, we must be consolidated to fight an external enemy, which continues to wreck our unity,”

He called for calmness and ensured that “Artsakh will remain Armenian.”

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