An important goal today is to ensure stability and security in Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh – PM

The priority today is to ensure stability and security in and the Republic of , Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in a televised address to the nation.

“An important goal today is to preserve the peace that has been achieved, to make it lasting, and if we can make it permanent, much better. Today, an important goal is to ensure stability and security around Armenia and Artsakh, to ensure the security of Artsakh, ensure the smooth and safe operation of the Lachin corridor, provide conditions for the return of the people of Artsakh, restore the regions of Artsakh and Armenia affected by war,” the Prime Minister said.

He stressed that to ensure the above-mentioned it’s important to implement the agreements reached on November 9.

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“These arrangements also foresee the exchange of prisoners and bodies of the dead. These agreements also lead to the intensification of the search for the missing, which is a very important issue for all of us, and every hour, every minute can be fatal here. I have met with hundreds of relatives of the missing and captured soldiers these days and have listened to all their demands and complaints. They are right and we must act quickly, but I repeat, unfortunately, it depends not only on us,” PM Pashinyan said.

Yes, there are nuances in the November 9 agreements, which contain problematic issues, but active diplomatic work is being done on all these issues now, and we will definitely find solutions, he said.

“These agreements also envisage reopening of the region’s transport communications, a problem that will change the image not only of the region but also of Armenia,” the Prime Minister added.

According to him, the main goal today is to build the future.

“But before that, we must return the bodies of our victims, pay our respects to them, return our captives, we must find the boys who may be sheltered somewhere in the war zone. We must ensure the smooth operation of the Lachin corridor, we must ensure the return of the people of Artsakh, we must resolve the most urgent and tense border issues, around which new noise may arise, but we must cross that road,” the PM said.

“Be sure that we are completely honest with you and before you. But this does not mean we are perfect. This does not mean that we are right in everything, it does not mean that we have not made mistakes and will not make mistakes. But we are completely honest with, and we will overcome this ordeal together,” PM Pashinyan stated.

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