Detection of coronavirus in Armenia is seriously increased, – Pashinyan

YEREVAN, August 6 – Sputnik. The number of positive tests decreased from 25-30% to 15% of the total number held, said the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan at a government meeting on Thursday.

The epidemiological situation in Armenia is slowly improving, but absolute numbers for the identification of new cases remain high.

“But now we have some confidence that the increased detection of cases of infection. If previously positive tests reached 25-30% of the total number, but now the figure has dropped to +-15%. This means that we have a significant increase in detection,” said Pashinyan.

According to him, it is now possible for a specific change strategy. If the authorities had waited, that the people themselves will ask for testing, now the Ministry of health will be more to take the initiative and look for some risk groups, for example, employees of factories or businesses.

This policy, he said, will allow in the future to win the coronavirus.

In turn, the Minister Arsen Torosyan noted that in order to effectively detect infected, it is recommended to conduct this number of tests to the positive cases did not exceed 10%.

He expressed hope that soon the authorities will be able to achieve such a result.

To do this, they will test the employees of supermarkets, factories, private institutions Mizdrava, banks, administrations, etc., regardless of the presence of symptoms. The reason for the overall test will be the emergence of at least one infected.

Pashinyan called on once again to ensure strict compliance with safety regulations, in particular, to wear masks on the street and indoor spaces.

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