The Armenian authorities unwittingly provide extra rating Veneziano – spin doctor

YEREVAN, Aug 3 — Sputnik, Ashot Safaryan. The authorities of Armenia, without even noticing, provide additional rating former Director of national security Service Arthur Veneziano, initiating new criminal proceedings with his participation. This opinion in an interview with Sputnik Armenia expressed political analyst Vigen Hakobyan.

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He believes that at this stage no political expediency “flushing” of the opponent was not – on the background of the retreat of the pandemic coronavirus and success of the army in the Tavush direction of the political position of the authorities was strengthened. And when in these circumstances, excited some criminal cases against opponents of the authorities, quite dubious from a legal point of view, it is clear that these cases have played in favor of the person against whom they are initiated.

“I think the whole story was a reckless action on the part of the authorities and law enforcement agencies. Veneziano and his political team give another reason for political “promotion” in such a passive political activities of the period,” says Hakobyan.

The former head of the SNB on Friday morning was called to the “office” to give explanations about the alleged abuse of power. Venezian when he was the Director in 2018 reinstated gone into retirement age 51-year-old Lieutenant Colonel. NBC now believes that Vanetian had violated the law. Last lawyers believe that no violation was not, and that against their client is a political prosecution.

According to the expert, to comment on the legal aspect of the case does not make sense – appointments with the violation of age norms, the more that the law permits the extension of the threshold for another five years, is not a topic to be considered in earnest.

“Obviously, we are dealing with the strategic line of the party – at every opportunity to exert pressure on the political opponent. I think that now this opportunity came up,” said our source.

In this case the expert does not exclude that in the medium and long-term political activity Veneziana perceived as a threat to the current government. It is therefore possible to subject him to psychological pressure now, especially that the former head of NBC, judging by the rhetoric is very serious work in the political arena. So, in an interview with reporters earlier, Venecian declared that is ready to meet with three former presidents – Levon Ter-Petrosyan, Robert Kocharyan and Serzh Sargsyan.

According to Hakobyan, the former Director of the national security Council at this stage conducts political consultations. In this sense, the meeting with three “veterans” of Armenian politics may be an important link in these consultations.

“Venecian in fact trying to feel out the mood in the political field. But to say that he makes a serious bet on these meetings, I can’t,” added Hakobyan.

Recall, Vanetian was appointed Director of NSC in may 2018, just after the “velvet revolution” and the election Nikol Pashinyan Prime Minister. He served until September 16, 2019. Then went into opposition to the current government. In may of this year, Venecian created the party “Fatherland”.

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