“You are protected”: Pashinyan has appealed to the Yezidi community on the anniversary of the massacre in Sinjar

YEREVAN, Aug 3 — Sputnik. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan addressed to the representatives of the Yezidi community of on the occasion of the 6-year anniversary committed in Sinjar genocide.

The appeal, in particular:

“Dear sisters and brothers of the Yezidi community of Armenia!

Today we celebrate the anniversary of the genocide committed by terrorist groups against Yazidi people in Sinjar six years ago. Indeed, befell the Yazidi people are a tragedy – a terrible crime against humanity, the civilized world. We share your pain and Express our sincere support.”

The Prime Minister said that Yezidi community should always know that in his homeland, in Armenia, they have a safe and secure future and opportunities for development and progress.

We will remind, in August 2014, during the offensive of the “Islamic state” (ISIS, a terrorist organization banned in Russia and several other countries – ed.) in Northern Iraq, the Islamists seized the Yazidi region of Sinjar after the retreat of the army of Iraqi Kurdistan the Peshmerga. For several days they killed five thousand people. In November 2015, when the city was liberated, it was found destroyed. All Christian churches and Yazidi temples have been completely destroyed. In and around the town have been found traces of mass executions. During this time, thousands of Yazidi women and girls were given into slavery.

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