The court in Armenia refused to remove the arrest from the accounts of Robert Kocharian and Armen Gevorgyan

YEREVAN, Aug 4 — Sputnik. The trial of the second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan has refused at this stage of the investigation to remove the arrest from its property and from the accounts of former Vice-Premier Armen Gevorgyan. The decision was taken after their lawyers rejected the request of the judge about giving all to list their property.

At the previous meeting on 28 July lawyers filed motions to lift the seizure from Bank accounts and property of their clients. Protection of the second President believed that there were no grounds for the arrest were not.

In 2019, the lawyers of the former President appealed to the Appeal court to cancel the arrest, the court granted the motion. But the judge of the court of General jurisdiction Anna Janibekyan in June last year, has refused to implement the decision of the higher court instance. Against this objection, and now counsel for the Kocharian – Hayk Alumyan, who says that the court does not want to eliminate the obvious, in his view, lawlessness on the part of the investigation. That’s why they decided to reject the request of the court.

To the solution Alumina joined by the lawyer of the former Deputy Prime Minister Armen Gevorgyan – Eric Alexanyan, who is also contesting the arrest on the property of his client.

In turn, Janibekyan said that the court cannot decide the issue of lifting the arrest without a preliminary assessment of the size of the property. Because the court decided to postpone the discussion of the lifting of the arrest. In response, the defense stated that this decision is contrary to the norms of the Criminal procedure code.

Protection Robert Kocharian withdrew their application from the constitutional court>>

Recall, the second President of is accused of overthrow of the constitutional order in the criminal case on the protesters on 1 March 2008. The former President was arrested twice in 2018. And on 25 June 2019, he was arrested for the third time. 19 June 2020, the Appellate court ruled his release from custody on bail of $ 4 million.

On 1 March, as are the former chief of the General staff of the armed forces of Armenia Yuri Khachaturov, the ex-defense Minister Seyran Ohanian and former head of the presidential administration, the former Vice-Premier Armen Gevorgyan.

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