Activists clash with police at Amulsar, arrested 10 people

YEREVAN, Aug 4 – Sputnik. As a result of clashes of eco-activists, protesters against the exploitation of Amulsar zolotorudnykh, of police officers were detained 10 people, told Sputnik Armenia , the press service of the police.

Previously, there was a group of protesters. The police did not allow them to break into the territory of the mine.

Last week law enforcement officers know how demarcated the territory of the mine. His management company, Lydian International, set a few trailers on the road. Activists believe that the company has taken over the public realm.

The company does not operate for two years: the new government required a review of the previous mining permit for the mine and to conduct additional environmental checks. In addition, environmental activists indefinitely occupied all approaches to the mine, and the police did not touch them. This morning the staff of Lydian dismantled the wagons, where the sleeping activists, prompting a new wave of their discontent.

“You cannot pass a paved road, because it is in the public domain. They will start for their heavy equipment, asphalt will break down and budget the money it will constantly have to repair,” shout the activists.

Head of Vayots Dzor regional administration police Colonel Gevorg Azizian urged to obey the law and stop the rally, because at the time of emergency they are banned. As the territory while assigned to Lydian, it should be released, he added.

“On paper, it may be one thing, but until an official decision is no, the territory remains for them,” he added.

Amulsar mine is the second gold reserves in Armenia. It is located on the border of Vayots Dzor and Syunik regions, about 10 km from the Spa town of Jermuk and Kechut reservoir associated with the lake Sevan. Because of this, the activists are protesting against the development and exploitation of the Deposit.

After the “velvet revolution” in 2018 the way to the mine was blocked by the protesters. In 2019, the Lebanese company “Alard” was an examination of the impact of the mine on the environment. The results of the audit documented that all risks are manageable. This did not convince the opponents of the mine operation, they are still protesting against the development, which, according to them and the environmentalists, can lead to environmental disaster in the basin of Sevan and the destruction of Jermuk resort town. The question is still effectively hanging in the air.

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