Ruben Hayrapetyan had received Russian citizenship in 2003 – the Prosecutor General’s office of Armenia

YEREVAN, Aug 4 — Sputnik. The former head of the football Federation of Armenia Ruben Hayrapetyan had received Russian citizenship on 20 June 2003, told Sputnik Armenia on Tuesday in the press service of the Prosecutor General.

On 30 July the lawyer of Hayrapetyan – Amram Makinen, said that the investigation against Hayrapetyan in Russia terminated. According to the lawyer, the investigative body known address of his client, therefore, the investigation stopped. In turn, the representative of the Prosecutor General of Gor Abrahamyan said that the Ministry has sent an official request to Russian colleagues.

“We have not yet received from the Russian Prosecutor General’s office response to the request for reasons and clarification on the termination of the investigation. Therefore, I can’t tell yet, could the Russian citizenship Hayrapetyan become the basis for the decision”, – said Abrahamyan.

We will remind, the investigative Committee opened a criminal case against Hayrapetyan, accusing him and his son Rafik Hayrapetyan arbitrariness, deliberate and illegal deprivation of liberty. Then, the businessman put on the wanted list.

Former FFA President, ex-Deputy of Armenian Parliament Ruben Hayrapetyan, his son Rafik and his friends, according to investigators, beat and abused Director of “Harsnaqar” A. sh.

The RA court of appeals upheld the arrest in absentia of Ruben Hayrapetyan>>

In the years 2015-16 and A. S. was taken from the Armenian development Bank, also owned by the Hayrapetyan, a loan of 52 million drams (more than 100 thousand dollars), of which 22 million is used for the restaurant. The other 30 million without the knowledge of the service he used to open his own taxi service. On hearing this, Hayrapetyan and his son grabbed A. S. and three weeks kept him in one of the cottages in harsnaqar.

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