“Not true”: Yerevan denied the “shot down” the drone

YEREVAN, August 6 — Sputnik. The message of the Azerbaijani defense Ministry about the alleged Armenian drone shot down – another misinformation. About it the press Secretary of the Ministry of defense of Armenia Shushan Stepanyan said on Thursday the correspondent of Sputnik Armenia.

Earlier, the Ministry of defense of Azerbaijan reported that in the afternoon of 6 August, the armed forces allegedly shot down Armenian drone.

“The statement of the Azerbaijani side does not correspond to reality, no drone was shot down,” said Stepanyan.

The Azerbaijani armed forces on 12 July fired at the Armenian positions in Tavush border and tried to attack them. As a result of retaliatory fire from the Armenian side the enemy back to their positions after suffering losses. On the morning of 13 July, the Azerbaijani armed forces resumed shelling of the Armenian positions. Until July 16, with some interruptions were also carried out attacks on Armenian border villages. International organizations and mediator countries urged and Azerbaijan to the world.

Armenian defense Ministry released video footage of the attack on the Armenian border village>>

The evening of July 21 a special unit of the Azerbaijani armed forces made another attempt of an attack at the combat position of the “Anv” (“Fearless”) Tavush on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. The enemy was driven back, suffering significant losses.

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