The head of the Armenian General staff checked the readiness of two army corps

YEREVAN, Aug 3 — Sputnik. The chief of the General staff of the Armenian armed forces, Lieutenant-General Onik Gasparyan visited the 4th and 5th army corps, according to the defense Ministry.

The General checked the degree of combat readiness and training level of two major groups, got acquainted with the skills of commanders to coordinate and guide the actions of the units, checked the coherence of the connections.

Chief of the General staff Onik Gasparyan visited military units (3 August 2020).

During the visit, the company commanders reported to him about the situation on the front line and the border, on the physical, military and moral-psychological state of servicemen, informed about the nature of the tasks assigned to the staff. Following the inspections, the chief of the General staff gave instructions to the military.

Recall that in these days Azerbaijan and Turkey are conducting a major joint exercise, part of them takes place on the territory of Nakhchivan, close to the borders of Armenia. The military leadership of declares that it is closely monitoring the situation.

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