Armenia will send a special flight to Lebanon

YEREVAN, August 5 – Sputnik. Armenia will send a special plane with humanitarian aid for Lebanon. Wrote about this on his page on facebook press Secretary of the Prime Minister of , mane Gevorgyan. The plane with medicines, medical equipment and food will be sent promptly.

“Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Commissariat for the Affairs of the Diaspora are in constant communication with the government of Lebanon and leaders of the Armenian community, to assist the brotherly country,” added Gevorgyan.

The discussions have been clarified the basic needs that the government and deliver targeted support to Beirut-and not only the Armenian community, but also to the government of Lebanon, to help multinational and multi-confessional state.

Gevorgyan said that today the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan had a conversation with the President of Lebanon Michel Aoun, expressing the readiness of the Armenian authorities to provide support to friendly Lebanon and its fraternal people.

We will remind, yesterday in the port of Beirut exploded with the hopper 2 705 tons of ammonium nitrate. According to Ministry of health of Lebanon, killing 135 people, about 4 thousand have got wounds. Affected both the Christian and Muslim quarters of the city, were killed and several local . The shock wave from the explosion was felt even on the East coast of Cyprus, about 200 km from the coast of Lebanon.

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