Armenia deputy economy ministers host meeting with viticulturists of Armavir Province

Armenia deputy economy ministers host meeting with viticulturists of Armavir Province

Deputy Ministers of Economy of Arman Khojoyan and Tigran Gabrielyan today hosted a meeting with a number of viticulturists of Armavir Province to present the programs being implemented in the agroprocessing sector and the new support tools ahead of the season of purveyance, as well as to discuss the current problems and consider the possible paths for solutions.

At the outset, Khojoyan informed the viticulturists that the issues concerning viticulturists were identified and all recommendations were submitted during recent meetings held with representatives of processing companies on a regular basis.

Khojoyan also emphasized that the reformed support toolkit of the government is primarily targeted at smooth purveyance of grapes and that the government is also taking necessary steps and holding negotiations in this direction.

In their turn, the viticulturists presented the problems with purveyance, including problems with the prices of purveyance of grapes. In response to the questions raised, the deputy ministers stated that even though the government can’t interfere in pricing, it is creating additional demand for grapes by easing the financial burden of those involved in processing and promoting the sale of processed goods.

The deputy ministers expressed willingness to consider and thoroughly examine every proposal, and the viticulturists agreed to organize, after the purveyance season, a training course during which experienced viticulturists would present the latest technologies in cultivating and processing grapes and the advantages of introducing and applying those technologies.

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