Tax Armenia repays the debt to the business: Pashinyan presented the details of the

YEREVAN, Aug 3 – Sputnik. Tax service of Armenia continued to return to the business pervipete. The head of the state revenue Committee of the Republic of Edward Hovhannisyan said on Monday at a meeting with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian.

As the press service of the government, in particular, at the end of 2019, the return of peresyplem VAT (business) and income tax (for taxpayers mortgages) totaled 171,1 billion drams (about $ 350 million). At the beginning of 2018, the debt taxpayers was 275,7 billion drams (nearly 570 million dollars).

For comparison Hovhannisyan noted that, as of 1 January 2020, this debt accounted for 76,6 billion drams (almost $ 160 million). A significant portion of these debts were long-term.

In addition, according to him, at the checkpoints of the state border embedded profiles, risk assessment, resulting in reduced queues and waiting time at customs. Developed “intelligent” system of risk assessment, which has reduced the number of inspection of goods. Because of this, if in 2018 the goods physically examined by customs in 22% of cases, in 2019 is 12%.

In 2019 the number of tax audits decreased by 5.6%. However, the amount of unpaid taxes identified in audits, increased 81.2%. Therefore, fewer checks, but they have become more targeted, aimed at risky taxpayers.

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Progress was made on two counts: in the retail trade were more likely to issue checks, and registered workers has become much more.

In 2019 in the Republic were printed almost 40% more checks than in 2018 and nearly 75% more than in 2017.

Thus, compared with 2018 the year of the shadow economy in the legal includes 345 billion drams (a growth of almost 22%), compared to 2017 – still 529 billion drams (growth – almost 40%).

Of the law enforcement divisions of the Committee in 2019 in favor of the budget were confiscated 63.6 billion drams, or more than two times more than in 2018 (30.6 bn).

With regard to the customs terminal in the city of , according to Vahan Hovhannisyan, the first stage of construction works will be completed here in the next month, and the second phase at the end of 2022.

In turn, the Prime Minister noted that in the near future is going to be at the border customs stations to assess the work carried out during this time. But stressed that, despite the crisis year, it is necessary to carefully monitor the collection of taxes.

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Note that initially, at the end of 2019, the budget of Armenia planned to collect 1 trillion 496 billion drams (about 3 billion 85 million dollars), then this figure significantly increased to 1 trillion 609 billion. As a result, until the upper limit is not reached, but the original – exceeded (1 trillion 565 billion drams). Overall, taxes were collected on 206 billion drams or 16.4% more than in 2018.

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