The taxes in Armenia during the virus were checked more strictly – the results are there

YEREVAN, 7 August – Sputnik. The state revenue Committee of in 2020 began to carry out checks more often. This was announced at a press conference the head of the investigative Directorate of the Committee Vahan Charkhifalakyan, presenting data for January-July 2020.

In particular, during this time, tax investigators spent about 8 750 audits and found 731 violation of the General damage to the budget of 2.8 billion drams (about 5.8 million USD). Over the same months of 2019 operational tests it turned out 1 of 450, and the total amount of violations amounted to 431 million drams.

Opened a little less than 300 cases (285), which, overall damage to the state is 13.7 billion drams (about 28 million dollars).

143 cases involve evasion of taxes, 36 cases about insolvency, 14 cases of illegal entrepreneurship. 83 filed for drug smuggling.

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Over the same months of 2019 was initiated 175 criminal cases General damages at 11.9 billion drams (about $ 25 million). In criminal cases, the budget has returned 1.64 billion drams (2019 –year – 1,413 billion).

In many cases, enterprises voluntarily correct the statements showing the correct turnover and calculation of tax payments. But often this would not happen without tax inspectors: they represent compelling evidence of violations by offering to mend his ways for good.

The inspection revealed illegal enterprise, and through online platforms (for example, through personal pages on facebook and other social networks). In other cases, the business register nominees private entrepreneurs – taking advantage of the fact that in this status do not have to submit a tax report.

“Illegal entrepreneurs are turning to unsecured citizens, then their name and open a business on their own behalf are working. And using the fact that a private entrepreneur is not obliged to provide the tax report, they evade taxes. We warn that we already know the circle of attackers,” added Charkhifalakyan.

We will note, according to the Finance Ministry of the Republic in 2020 due to coronavirus crisis, the Republic will gather at 169 billion drams (about $ 350 million) less in taxes. In this regard, the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan gave an assignment to the state revenue Committee possible to monitor tax collection.

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