City hall has not allowed Samvel Aleksanyan to legitimize the left’s café – details of Marutyan

YEREVAN, Aug 4 — Sputnik. municipality will ask the government of with a demand to cancel the decision of the Cabinet 912-N, adopted on 18 may 2006, which obliges the community to legalize all unauthorized structures that are on private land unless they are inconsistent with the town planning regulations. It on a press-conferences on Tuesday has informed the mayor Hayk Marutyan.

“According to this decision, it turns out that if within two months you do not “catch” on illegal construction, then you can come up with a “white face” to city hall and to legalize the construction. And the municipality is obliged to legalize it, if there is no violation of the norms of urban planning. In my opinion, it is absurdity”, – spoke sharply Marutyan.

He recalled that in the same way a former member of the Republican party, businessman Samvel Alexanyan tried to legitimize their cafe Rich Garden, which was built around National academic theatre of Opera and ballet after A. Spendiarian, in the city center.

“Perhaps it was registered to a relative of Aleksanyan and not him, I can’t remember, but the fact that we were able to stop the legalization of cafes in the inventory and returned to the city. Thus, I become the “bad COP” for many, but trying to save the city from illegal buildings. I hurt one person for a million residents of the capital,” said Marutyan.

He added that employees of the city hall day and night watch over the city to prevent illegal construction.

“The most popular time of work of builders – from Saturday morning to Sunday evening. We often ask our employees to watch for suspicious objects on the weekends, sometimes in the night,” said Marutyan about fighting city hall.

According to him, illegal buildings, typically built as quickly and quietly.

We will remind, the mayoralty in March 2019 was demolished about a dozen cafes, which were illegally built on the territory of Opera.

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