The Chinese XINJIANG Economic Information Exchanging Association for Central and West Asia platform has referred to second Armenian President Robert Kocharyan’s interview, underscoring his opinion on China’s unique role after the “unsuccessful end” of globalization processes in the world.

“In an interview with local Yerkir Media TV channel in on July 29, ’s second President Robert Kocharyan said that globalization was coming to an end, and the new world trend would be led by China and Russia. China has an ancient civilization and a rich cultural heritage. It will play an important role in further geopolitical developments,” Kocharyan’s Facebook page quoted the platform as saying in an article.

Also, the news platform highlighted the high-level relations between Armenia and China during Kocharyan’s tenure, recalling the second president’s state visit to China at the invitation of the Chinese president in 2004.

Addressing the foreign policy pursued by the incumbent Armenian authorities in the interview, the ex-president said that there is no clear characteristic that would describe Armenia’s current foreign policy.

“I do not know, there is no characteristic, it’s more of a spontaneous and situational nature, depending on the moods, a specific person, the government, maybe weather, I do not understand the content of today’s foreign policy. In order to pursue the right foreign policy, we need to understand what is happening around the world,” he said.

According to Robert Kocharyan, now that trend has changed, and people consider that the diversity of civilizations and cultures is the driving force and value of this planet, which is worth fighting for.

“Today there is a different trend in the world focused on fighting for national values, and the leaders in this process are Russia and China, which have a great civilization potential, a very powerful culture and in whose identity their culture and history play a major role,” the former president stated.

“Most of the incumbent authorities came from NGOs formed from the second track of globalization, pursuing that policy and taking the whole country to where everyone is now running away from. These disputes about national values, the attitude towards the church, which are extremely important components of the identity of different nations, stem from the efforts to remove all this from our culture, from our educational programs.

“Even the results of all European elections come to show that the national forces are improving their positions. There are countries where those forces are already in power,” the second president stressed.

The platform also presented some data about Robert Kocharyan’s biography.

Chinese platform refers to Robert Kocharyan's interview

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